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Our management team here at Trader House is made up of elite industry professionals with decades of experience in the financial world, giving them real world knowledge of what it takes to achieve success in online trading. Our team has built the Trader House trading experience with traders of all experience levels in mind, providing guidance and practical support.


Trader House is among the leading Forex and CFDs brokerages, offering exceptional trading conditions – highly competitive spreads, and an intuitive trading platform. By offering guidance and practical trading techniques we will equip you to achieve financial success.

Our Customer Care Team works to assist you with all aspects of your trading experience. You will also be provided with a personal Account Manager who will be available to guide you through one on one practical trading sessions, along with anything else you need to launch your trading career with Trader House.


We provide exceptional support to beginner traders so that they can achieve financial success through online trading. The world of online trading can often feel overwhelming for new traders, this is why the Trader House team is dedicated to supporting you as you take your first steps. As an extra boost to your trading career, we’re offering a 100% Welcome Bonus, which enables you to maximise your profitability from day one. Check the terms and conditions for additional information.

Our Customer Care Team here is the foundation of Trader House, and we devote more time to discussing them in a little while. Before we dive into the details of our support team, we want to assure you that we devote our time and attention to each individual trader, regardless of whether they are taking their first steps in the world of online trading, or are experienced traders honing their skills. Our client focused support team is here to help you with every aspect of your trading experience. Open your own Trader House Trading Account to experience committed customer care from our dedicated support team.


Trader House is committed to transparency in trading and all associated transactions and accounts. There are no hidden costs or fees, all aspects of your account can be reviewed at any time.


Trader House allows you to trade on a variety of markets, including:






Spot Metals

One of the advantages of trading with Trader House is that we offer you the most competitive spreads. You can trade without concern over the costs and maximise your profitable trades by seizing opportunities knowing that Trader House is supporting you at each turn.

Trader House Trade Station – Your Dedicated Platform

Traders of all skill levels benefit from an exceptional trading platform. A leading platform for newbies and professionals alike, Trader house Trade Station (THTS) offers an easy to use and intuitive trading experience. Open trades, set risk management, and control all other aspects of your account in a few clicks.

For seasoned traders who feel at ease with indicators, charts and various trading tools, Trader House Trade Station is also suited to those looking to take their existing expertise to the next level. Whichever platform you choose to trade with, our Customer Care Team is available and ready to assist with any queries you may have!


We’ve already discussed the Trader House Customer Care Team briefly, but we feel that it is important to focus our attention on them a little more. The Trader House Customer Care Team supports the needs of thousands of traders each and every day. Our focus on providing quality customer care is something we consider vital to providing the ultimate trading experience.

Get in touch with our dedicated Customer Care team and you’ll find that they are ready to provide round the clock assistance and support. This commitment to customer service is vital to making trading easier. Get started by joining our big Trader House trading family now.